Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Send in the White woman, with lies

Nothing changes in America but the date.

In the 1800's those needing a reason to lynch a black man, claimed he looked, smiled, winked or somehow otherwise compromised the honor of a White woman. The late 1900s the only way to bring down the uppity boxer Jack Johnson was to convict him of transporting an 'innocent' White woman across state lines for..uh, you know.

The 70s. 'Alright, if we have to follow the rules set forth under the Equal Employment Opportunity Act, let's use it to bring White Women in superior numbers and positions to the required blacks.

Today, there's Sarah Palin. Ingenious. What else could possibly stop the steamroller drive for the U.S. presidency shepherded by that 'uppity' Barack Obama? You guessed it--a White woman.

I needed no more than to hear that she was a card-carrying member of the NRA to turn me off. But.I am surprised and disappointed that seemingly significant numbers of women in this country are not appalled at the Republican strategy. The nomination is an insult.

It's tantamount to saying, just give them someone who looks like them, and they will vote for her. I can't believe American women are that shallow.

Palin has already been caught with her panties down in several lies. She actively campaigns against a woman's right to choose. In Alaska, there's evidence she did away with the old boy's network to start an old girls version. We won't even discuss the nonsense with the 'Nowhere Bridge."

This is who you want to elect a hearbeat away from leading the most powerful country on Earth? She only has one credential. She's a White woman.

Nothing changes in America but the date.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Surprise CNN: Ya' done good!

It's so funny. Despite a reasonable effort to promote what it thought was a valuable program, CNN had no idea it had discovered a gold mine. I am speaking about the recent broadcast of 'Black in America.' More, later, on the content.

My take, is that with the real prospect of Barack Obama being elected president, the station figured it ought to introduce White America to how Black folks survive this madness. Execs gave Soledad O'Brien the go ahead.

At the conclusion of the broadcast, I don't know who noticed that the station promised panel discussions with reactions for its Morning Show broadcast–at 6 a.m. the next day. FRIDAY MORNING AT 6 A.M. FOR REVIEW OF YOUR LANDMARK BROADCAST? WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO WATCH? Talk about your lip service.

Imagine the overwhelming surprise when CNN was bombarded with response from every nook and cranny. At least, programming execs had the good sense to reshuffle the lineup to re-broadcast the shows several times during the following weekend. Kudos.

Now, for content. Although well-intended, I don't think this program was aimed at American Blacks. Even though, we are the ones who responded. We know what our problems are. The segment on men was significantly better than the first.

The landslide response points out just how starved Blacks are for some network news indication that we exist. Are you listening ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX.......?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Will the real Barack stand up?

Headline sounds like an attack. It isn't. Merely, recognition.

Senator Obama has locked up the Democratic Party nomination for president by sounding more like statesman than politician. His vision for the possibilities of America are intriguing and refreshing. For that he has my vote.

But politics is dirty business with a rule book all it's own. Everything is 'Deal or No Deal' and who has what information about the other. I have already accepted that in order to win, Obama is going to have to compromise. He's going to have to agree to a lot of things he disagrees with. OK. Understood!

The question is just how far will he go to win? Winning, too, has a life of it's own. I can't imagine the pressure he's under to maintain his stated vision, while keeping his election hopes alive.

I have no answers. Hopefully, he will–publicly–remain statesman enough to keep my vote.
Good luck, sir!